Cruise Timeshares

There's no better way to explore the world than to travel by sea while you sleep! Cruise timeshares are a fantastic way for you to gain an entirely different vacation experience all while enjoying many of the same comforts offered at resorts! Check out our inventory to see what's available!

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Timeshare Cruise Vacations

There are two types of cruise timeshare vacations you can take advantage of on the secondary market: true boat vacation ownerships and cruise vacations that can be exchanged/redeemed with a traditional, resort-based timeshare. No matter which type of timeshare you wish to purchase or exchange for, you'll have the chance to explore different areas of the world as your ship sails around their assigned regions and take advantage of land excursions that interest you.

True Timeshare Cruises

If your dream is to set sail on a yacht or cruise ship every time you wish to take a vacation, there's a cruise timeshare you will love! Similar to traditional resort timeshare owners, cruise timeshare owners purchase the rights to a room on a boat or the rights to a boat for a specific period of time during the year. These ownerships require annual costs, such as maintenance fees, which are used to preserve the ships being used.

Traditional Timeshares With Cruise Exchanges

If you want to keep your land options open for annual vacation, there are timeshare programs that allow for cruise exchanges. Some brands have affiliations with some of the most well known cruise lines where you can trade in your weeks or your points to spend three, four, five, or seven days at sea. For brands that have resale restrictions or are without any cruise line partnerships, they are often affiliated with external exchange companies like RCI and Interval International, where owners can purchase an annual membership, deposit their timeshare weeks, and exchange with comparable cruises within their specific exchange databases.

Top Cruise Line Timeshares

No matter if you want to take each vacation on a boat or simply have the option to exchange for such travels, there are amazing cruise and timeshare brands out there ready to welcome you aboard! See what's in SellMyTimeshareNow's inventory of resales and rentals.

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